Five Common Dental Myths Debunked

December 16, 2021

There are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to taking care of your pearly whites. We’re here to help ensure proper dental care and bust any oral health myths that can be damaging to your mouth and teeth. Myth: When your gums bleed when flossing, it’s best to leave them alone. The Real […]

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How to Take Care of Aging Teeth

November 23, 2021

Just like the rest of our body, your teeth go through changes as you get older. Aging often brings on new concerns which require more attention than usual. Thankfully, with proper care and good oral hygiene, you can keep your pearly whites healthy well into your golden years.  What Happens To Aging Teeth The older […]

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Mouthwash: Which One is Right for You

October 28, 2021

There are many types of mouthwash on the market, but how do you know which one is right for you?

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Tips for a Healthy Smile This Fall

September 14, 2021

Between the fall-themed treats, sports and holidays, this season can easily take a toll on your smile. Stay on top of your dental health during these months with these helpful tips! Keep the Sweet-Tooth at Bay From pumpkin spiced lattes to caramel apples and hazelnut pecan pie, autumn is filled with yummy but very sugary […]

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Top Causes for Teeth Stains

August 30, 2021

We all want the shiniest whitest teeth, but often our teeth may look yellow or discolored. While some stains result from medications or high fevers in infancy, the majority of stains are from our own behavior. Here are some causes of teeth stains.   1. Acidic Beverages Wine, coffee, tea and soda are most people’s go-to […]

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4 Tips for a Healthier Smile

July 28, 2021

Keeping up with your smile is just as important as visiting the dentist. There are many things you can do to maintain your healthy smile between dental visits. Rinse Everyday First is mouthwash; mouthwash is very beneficial for your mouth: teeth, gums and everything in between. Mouthwash helps get rid of bacteria, prevent tooth decay, […]

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Toothbrush Health

June 14, 2021

Do you remember the last time you bought a new toothbrush? Most of the time, dental hygiene does not get the attention it needs. However, there are many rules and important steps you can take to help you maintain optimal dental health.  How to Keep Your Toothbrush Clean If your toothbrush is not taken care […]

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What To Expect During a Dental Exam

May 24, 2021

While routine dental cleanings and exams are an important part of sustaining your oral health, they are often overlooked or avoided. These appointments can help identify potential issues and reduce your risk of developing gum disease, remove plaque and tartar buildup, and prevent cavities from worsening. Knowing exactly what happens during a typical dental check-up […]

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Spring Dental Cleaning

April 28, 2021

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, many begin the process of spring cleaning in an effort to refresh their home and other areas of their life. While dusting away cobwebs and organizing your closet, don’t forget to freshen up your oral health! Take Stock of your Dental Products Once you shake […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Denture Care

March 30, 2021

Today, dentures provide a great solution to missing teeth for people of all ages. While dentures can improve your smile and confidence, it’s important to take proper care to keep them feeling good while protecting your overall oral health. To get the most out of your dentures, check out the dos and don’ts of denture […]

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