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10 Best Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth

January 25, 2019

We all know that eating and drinking healthy is the best thing to do for our physical health. Yet, most people do not consider the well-being of their pearly-whites when chomping down on various foods. It is important to think about your teeth and gums when examining the well-being of your overall body. Some foods and drinks add nutrients to your body and make teeth stronger, while others can be harmful to your teeth. Here is a list of items to eat to keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking great.


Seafood is packed with omega-3 fatty acid which has been linked to lower rates of gum disease. Omega-3 dials down redness and swelling of the gums that occurs beause of bacteria. Make sure you are consuming enough vitamin D. If you are not, your body cannot absorb all the nutrients from Omega-3s.


Nuts are filled with vitamins and minerals like fiber and phosphate that are beneficial to your health. They are low in sugar and usually high in calories making them a very filling snack. Some of the best nuts are almonds, Brazil nuts, and cashews. If you do not like eating plain nuts, try putting them in a salad, with veggies, or another dish.


Yogurt is high in calcium, probiotics, fiber, and casein making it a great snack option. The good bacteria in yogurt is beneficial for gums because it eliminates bacteria that can cause bad breath and replaces it with good bacteria. Remember to always look for sugar-free or low sugar yogurt because yogurt with high sugar content can cause cavities.


Apples are awesome to add to your diet because they clean your teeth as you chew. The fibrous particles in apples act as a toothbrush and remove plaque and other food debris. Strawberries and blueberries are also wonderful snacks to munch on. They are filled with vitamin C, which helps your body produce collagen- a protein that maintains the strength of your gums and skin. Berries also have anti-inflammatory abilities, which can help fight gum disease.


Drinking herbal or unsweet tea may actually aid in the prevention of gum disease and cavities because it helps to suppress bacteria. Tea affects the enzyme Glucosyltransferase, which is responsible for converting sugars into the sticky substance that adheres to teeth and causes plaque. If made with tap water, tea may contain fluoride which is good for your teeth.

Red Meat

Meat is high in iron and vitamin B12. Having a deficiency in either of these areas will cause sores in the mouth and inflammation of the tongue. Meats like tofu and beef are packed with phosphorus, which protects tooth enamel. One of the best ways to absorb the vitamins and minerals that meat has to offer is by eating broth made from meat bones.


Milk has many benefits for your teeth and gums. It has calcium which makes teeth stronger, vitamin D which fortifies teeth, and casein which is an anti-erosion agent. Milk contains a natural sugar called lactose. Under the right circumstances, this causes no issues for your teeth. However, If milk is left on teeth for too long the lactose will affect your teeth the same way all sugary drinks do. Be sure to brush them after drinking milk to prevent this.


Eggs contain phosphorus and calcium which are essential for bone strength and the production of tooth enamel. As well as vitamin D which helps with calcium absorption and protein that protects teeth from cavity-causing acids created as carbohydrates ferment.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like Spinach and Kale are some of the best foods you can eat. They are packed with vitamin C, carotene, magnesium, and beta- all of which are major contributors to your oral health. Leafy greens are also high in calcium which builds your tooth enamel. According to MedlinePlus the vitamin B found in leafy greens can possibly treat gum disease in pregnant women. If you are struggling to eat leafy green try putting them in a smoothie or an omelet.

If you have more questions about what types of foods are good for your teeth, write them down and ask Dr. Beall at your next visit.

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