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Employees Celebrate 30 Years at Beall Dental Center

December 26, 2018

Beall Dental Center is known for its friendly staff and wonderful service. The team at Beall plays a vital role in keeping everything running smoothly and with ease. Patients agree that the staff is what makes their visits so painless. Two of the members of the Beall dental team, Nicki Buchanan and Kathy Hall, have had a lasting impression on the staff and patients at this practice.

In April of 2019, Nicki Buchanan will celebrate working at Beall for 31 years. Nicki explains that she has stayed at Beall Dental so long because the team is wonderful to work with. “Everyone is friendly and encouraging,” says Nicki.  She remembers the transition from Doctor Avery Beall to his son Doctor Bowen Beall as an easy one. She explains that it was an effortless transition for the entire staff because they already knew Bowen. Bowen Beall has kept the same welcoming environment alive in the office.

Office Manager Nicki Buchanan helps a patient check in for his appointment.

If you know Nicki, you know she is a cheerful and loving person. She brings this with her to the office every day and makes patients feel welcome. Andrea Brooks has worked alongside Nicki for many years and had this to say about her co-worker,“ I love her bubbly personality and her love for the healthcare of our patients.”

Nicki and Andrea celebrating administrative professionals day.

Another employee who has been at Beall for many years is Kathy Hall. Kathy came to Beall Dental from her previous job on the promise of a better work environment. Not only did she find that, but a long-lasting family and community she is thrilled to be a part of. In October of 2018, Kathy celebrated her 30 year work anniversary. Over the past three decades, the office has grown in staff members and advanced in technology, but one thing has stayed consistent. Kathy believes that Beall Dental has always put its patients first and is a trustworthy place to be.

Dental Hygienist Kathy Hall reviews an x-ray with a patient.

One of the reasons she loves working at Beall is because she feels like a member of the family. While working with Dr. Avery Beall, she watched Bowen Beall grow up and was pleased when the dentistry was transitioned over to him. Now she works alongside Bowen as he continues the legacy of Beall Dental and raises his own three children with his wife Sarah Beall.

Patient Linda Mullins has made Kathy a red velvet cake for her birthday for about 15 years. 

Beall Dental is a wonderful place to work. It has a unique environment that adheres to tradition while still keeping technology fresh. This family business has a special place in the community and provides patients with more than just great dental care. Through the lasting impression of Beall Dental Center employees, it is obvious to see how special a place this is. Thank you, Kathy and Nicki, for creating a positive and encouraging environment. Your upbeat attitudes have shaped the way patients feel about their dental visits and have made a lasting impact on many.

For more information about Beall Dental Center or to schedule an appointment click here or call (706)882-2597.

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Beall Dental Center is now under the leadership and management of Dr. Bowen Beall, son of original founding partner Dr. Avery Beall and offers the latest in dental and aesthetic treatments with a commitment to providing the finest in patient service.


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